This week in CIRP we have been stretching our imagination muscle to think about what made the angry birds so angry. We started off with a story map which then led to these wonderful animations.

Why don’t you take a look?

Why do you think the angry birds are so angry? What could’ve happened to them?

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This week we have become directors, producers, scenery makers and actors.

We had to imagine why the Angry Birds were so angry. What had happened to them?

First we planned our stories then we made our animations.

Here we are absorbed in the planning and developing part of our film making…


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Ever wanted to know how to play the hottest game around?

Check out Deon and Lydon’s instructions on how to play. Can you notice any features they used from their instruction writing toolkit?

Could you play the game using these instructions?

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So, challenge day arrived.

Would our instructions stand up to the test?

Here are the results:-

4. Lydon and Mrs Lockwood- level 1- 10146 points
3. Deon and Mr Marsh- level 3- 40162
2. Gage and Mrs Grainger- level 3- 45688
1. Scott and Lottie- level 4

All children really persevered with their instructions, it was really hard explaining to someone how to play the game, especially when we all found it so easy to play!


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Are you ready for Teachers VS Angry Birds?

Who will win?

Are your instructions good enough?

You decide!!!!!!


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This week we have learnt a new way of sorting out information which we can add to our tool kit.

What can you remember about a Venn diagram?


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This morning 3 of the Resourced Provisions joined forces for a morning in the forest.

Have a look at what we’ve been up to….


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This weekend I will be painting my bedroom and tonight I am having some popcorn that we had at forest school.

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Message starts….

Message ends….

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