After designing our scareground we decided to take it to the next level by using our plan to create a large scale version in the hall.

Here we are stretching our planning, reasoning and collaborating muscles…


6 Responses to “Collaborating, planning and reasoning”
  1. Jamie says:

    We was doing fun fair because it is very awesome

  2. Gage says:

    L likes fun because fair ground measuring and centimetres because learning muscle

  3. Gage says:

    We going in the hall because we are learning about measuring and centimetres and perimeter and area

  4. Lydon says:

    We went in the hall measure perimeter and area.

  5. Deon says:

    We been measured – perimeter
    – area.
    – scissors
    – blue tack

  6. Scott says:

    Fun to building are fun ground . Area metres area and perimeter and wack to together and after that we tidied up.

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