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We been bringing the teachers into tent and then she was shocked one’s we

got out the tent they saw scary pictures and horrid music. Inside the tent they felt terrified by the massive hairy spiders and the pictures of the evil monsters.

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First  of all we tricked people , by telling them there  lots of nice things.

They was smiling at first and happy. When they went into the tent

they was  terrified .  Gilly said the clowns are the worse and she was shaking

with fear when she saw the massive clowns on the wall

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It was fun because we invited Mrs Billingham,Mrs Lawton,  Miss Dring, gilly,Lindsey, Mrs Tallant and lis ato come to our nightmare room.  We welcome to my nightmare room by showing fairground, so they thought it was nice. When they go in the tent they were shocked , because  they was seeing nice thing s.  They felt petrified when they saw the spider hanging down and the awful the. Wall. Mrs Tallant said she will have a night mare in the bed  tonight.

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What you open the night mare room door there are giant black hairy spiders

it freak me out because they have 8 leg but I’m not afraid of small spiders.

When you go in you can smell  a revolting stench of giant hairy spiders.

You can hear creepy crawly legs walking around.  You can here the silence.

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In my nigh tmare room I   have  massive  clowns  he try to  eat me.  And aboobie trap Scott knows the code  and the smell of chocolate .

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I my nightmare room there are evil clowns and creepy masks. Also,

giant massive green spiders with long  spikes  legs.

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There will be massive black rats there going to be jumping and they will be scary ghosts with shiny swords it is going to be very dark  it is going to be really really cold. I could here evil laughing .

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In my night mare room  you an see door of zombie red shiny blood. There are lots  of evil ghosts .  Lots of massive hairy spiders run about in the hole on the floor. You can hear ghosts screams , there are  loud. You hear the spider tip toe across  creaky old floor.

You can smell rotten blood and rotten disgusting dead rats.

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Hi to all,

Firstly, I would like to say a huge and a big thank you to you all for making me feel very welcome. Also, my first week with you all has been more than amazing, particularly going down to the forest and having hot pop and toasted marshmallows which were very scrumptious and very delicious!!!

As nearly everybody know me, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mr Ward and I will be your helper for a little while. Here is some facts, I would like to tell you all about myself: –

  • I have green and grey eyes and my favourite colour is purple.
  • I live at the other side of Barnsley in a house with 4 bedrooms.
  • I like football and I love to watch ice hockey at Sheffield Arena.

This is my first ever blog, I have written. Now, I would like you to tell me about some special facts about yourself. Please feel free to comment and ask more questions.

Mr Ward 🙂


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Do not give out personal infor mation like where you live or go to school!

if something doesnt feel right,  tell an adult.

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