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On Monday and Tuesday we entered R L Stine’s nightmare room. This made us start to think about what our nightmare room would look like and if everyone’s nightmare room would be the same.

After stretching our imagination muscle to think about what people would find scary we set about making our props and images for our very own nightmare room.

Watch out everyone at WCPS, CIRP is coming to get you…



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Yesterday we recapped our Easter holidays.

We started by completing a mind map with things that we had done over the holidays, we then layered our ideas up with more information about the event e.g. What we could hear and smell.

After that we had to think of some openers that we would use in a recount and decide on the order we did things in.

Can you spot any adjectives? Can you up level any of the adjectives?
Can you think of a powerful opener?





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This morning we turned our classroom into a news studio once again. Today it was time for Scott, Jamie and Deon to stretch those imitation muscles.

Stay tuned for our news reports.


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Here we are stretching our imitation muscle by becoming news reporters.

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Becoming news reporters and stretching our imitation muscle.


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What a morning we’ve had today, one minute we were sat doing our literacy work then all of a sudden in came Mel with a mysterious package and a note.

It seemed Dr Who needed our help and somehow he knew we would make amazing reporters so, armed with our new notepads off we went to explore…

Have you found anything out ready to report back to Dr Who?



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This morning I would like you to flex your imagination muscle…

Choose one of the photos below and think about the questions on each picture.

Remember to:-
– use powerful adjectives. Use the thesaurus to help you.
– really stretch your imagination muscle. Make it as exciting as possible.
– wow me with the openers and connectives you use. Use the working wall and the washing line to help you.

I can’t wait to read your adventures.

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