Message starts….

On Tuesday we received a letter from Thor asking for some help to crack a code set by the evil Loki.

We had to use our sequencing skills to help us notice the pattern and to crack the code.

As it was a secret mission we had to put on disguises- don’t tell anyone that it’s us!!!

What other learning muscles did we use?
Did we crack the code? Can you remember the sequence/ the rule?

Message ends….

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I like my weekend too I been busy I help my mum and dad.

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Whilst watching the rugby this morning I got thinking about why the New Zealand team do the Hakka.

What do you think it’s purpose is?

I then thought about us as learners, how do we prepare ourselves to learn? What do we do before an important piece of work? Can we use the New Zealand’s team attacking spirit and perseverance to help make us better learners?

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Yesterday and today we have been stretching our learning by trying some new times tables. We really had to stretch our noticing muscles to find patterns to help us remember the trickier times tables.

Can you remember any of the tricks that we learnt?

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We have really stretched our perseverance muscles over the last few weeks by researching what it takes to become a good horror writer.

We have really been inspired by the works of R L Stine and have enjoyed reading lots of his books and watching some of his Goosebumps episodes.

How do you think we have done?



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We have been looking at the writer R L Stine in our literacy lessons and after using noticing muscles we then stretched our planning and imitation muscles to create our own horror stories in the style of R L Stine.

Have a listen to some of the work and take a read yourself.

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This morning we ALL beat our best scores yet!

What amazing perseverance you have all shown, well done 🙂


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After designing our scareground we decided to take it to the next level by using our plan to create a large scale version in the hall.

Here we are stretching our planning, reasoning and collaborating muscles…


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We decided to make links with our literacy in maths today by designing a scareground.

Based on R L Stine’s Goosebumps books and linking in with our measures we had to design a fairground in a set amount of space.

We had to find out the perimeter and area of the space we needed for each ride.

How did you find out the perimeter?
How did you find out the area?
What remember to’s did we need?


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